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“I have known Allen Luikens as an electrician for over 15 years. His honesty and work ethic is impeccable. He is the kind of man that you give your garage door code or house key to and say “Put The Bill On The Kitchen Table. We will send you a check when we get home.” John Price, Homeowner – Keller, Texas

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Outdoor Living space in Texas is “big” just like Texas.

Do you have a project in mind?

We have done many projects over the years.

Our specialty is providing you with accurate timely advice for your home electrical  project.

Of course we focus on safety first and then best practices based upon many years of experience.

Home Electric Safety Should not be Ignored!

Electrical Panel Upgrade Residential Keller Texas

Electric Service to your panel source sometimes can become problematic when adding new appliances and/or technical devices.

This can be especially true if you are living in an older home where the power available may not be sufficient to handle the the increased demand.


home lighting repair southlake texas

Home Lighting repairs or installation we can help you.

Any type of lighting, indoors or outdoors, kitchen, bath room, bedroom, special home office – we get it done to your satisfaction.

Electric problems / issues, we are hear to help.

Could an Electrical Fire Take Place in Your Home?

Unwanted “arc faults” are a primary reason for home fires as a result of faulty electrical wiring.

An arc fault is caused by damaged or overheated appliances, cables, and wiring.

A solution to this problem is the proper installation and maintenance of arc fault circuit interrupters (“AFCIs”) and ground circuit interrupters (“GFCIs”) to prevent these electrical hazards from occuring.

Proper Timely Maintenance Program Can Help Eliminate These Arc Faults

A trained eye when visiting your business premises can see some of these causes when frankly most business owners are running their businesses and not looking for these issues.

  • Electrical wire insulation chewed by rodents.
  • Chair leg sitting on extension cord.
  • Ruptured appliance cords and extension cords.
  • Loose or improper connections.
  • Moisture or debris between conductors of different voltage.
  • Wires pierced by screws / nails when hanging things on walls.
  • Other common risks that we can help identify when they exist.

Energy Savings Dimmer Switches For Your Home

What Are the Advantages?

Dimmer switches can be used in any room of your house from living areas to bedrooms and bathrooms.

The big benefit is energy efficiency, saving energy usage up to 98% and seeing your electric bill go down.

Light bulb longevity (not fluorescent lighting but dimming is still very affordable) can increase 50% when using lights that are dimmed at 25% as an example.

When you consider installing lights and/or switches in your home, or replacing your existing ones consult A & L Electric, speak to Allen directly 817-896-9584.