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7 Energy Saving Tips to Reduce Your Electric Bill

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Allen Luikens On Ladder Balancing Home Ceiling Fan

Wasted electrical energy costs us money so here are some practical and easy ways to reduce your electric bill.

Although some “little things” might at first appear to be annoying little things can add up to real money savings.

For example, let’s look at your clothes washing area.

1. Turn off your ceiling fans when you are not  going to be home, especially for  an extended  period of time.

2. Match the water level in your washing machine to the size of the clothes load especially with warm/hot water selection. When possible use a cold rinse.

Saving Energy It’s the Little Things That Make the Difference

Air conditioning especially here in Texas is a major expense.

3. If you are having cooling problems before buying a new air conditioner you might “tint your windows” to see how much that helps. It is important when considering a new air conditioning that you get the right size for you home, bigger is not always better.

4. Use fluorescent light bulbs  rather than incandescent bulbs (lowers air conditioning costs) and have us install dimmers if you are currently not using them.

5. Buy Energy Star rated appliances and lighting fixtures.

6. Clean or replace your filters every months to reduce heating / cooling costs.

7. Swimming Pool owners unless you have an issue with leaves or excessive dirt  run your pool pump six hours in the summer and four hours in the winter.


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